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With bite sized 60 word descriptions, users can access multiple categories and be updated on the go!

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About AlShorts

Revolutionizing the traditional news mediums, AlShorts summarizes the information with minimum words. Focused on the crux of the news story, instead of providing extensive stories, AlShorts keeps you updated on events, happenings and current affairs.

AlShorts is a platform that brings stories from UAE and around the world to the readers based on facts and figures, without any personal opinions and judgments.

  • No Gossips. No Rumors. Only News.With a bite-sized 60-word description of the latest news, users can stay updated with the happenings in the UAE in the shortest time possible.
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Our Mission

Steal a few moments from your hectic life, and browse through the stories at your fingertips. Quick and easy! In order to get insight into the trending news topic, you can click on the link provided, which will redirect you to the detailed news story. Our motto is to keep the readers informed, updated, and ahead of the curve.

  • We like to call ourselves – The Time Saviors. We understand that people ‘hustle all day, everyday’ and to save time even for few seconds for reading long articles is exhausting. Our mission is to enlighten the readers of UAE with the updates of the latest happenings in the fastest way possible.
  • User interactivity is our priority. Our user interface designed by our technical team is fun and user-friendly.
  • To customize the regular updates and provide a wishlist of the categories that the reader prefers to read in his/her daily feeds.
online newspaper uae
online newspaper uae