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Whether it’s the latest government policies or shakeups in corporate affairs, we covered all Arabian today news UAE wants to read. Delivered to you super fast! Get updated with the latest UAE business news in a jiffy! With Alshorts you will be abreast of the hot events and best deals. All stories, just one click away. Know more with Alshorts! Anytime, Anywhere, Any day!

  • No Gossips. No Rumors. Only National News UAE.With a bite-sized 60-word description of the latest news, users can stay updated with the happenings in the UAE in the shortest time possible.
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Our Mission Delivering UAE breaking News

No matter what category or event, we at Alshorts assure you of the latest and best news in and around UAE and the world with an easy to use and elegantly designed interface. Download the app today for:

  • Regular updates – Customization provides users with daily and regular updates in the categories they wish for.
  • Zero data mining: Get only what you seek. Give only what you want. We assure our users of Zero data mining for profits.
  • Time Savior: With news on the go, anytime, anywhere and anyplace, users save precious time in keeping themselves updated.

User interactivity is our priority. Our user interface designed by our technical team is fun and user-friendly.To customize the regular updates and provide a wishlist of the categories that the reader prefers to read in his/her daily feeds.

online newspaper uae
online newspaper uae