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Fusing digital technology with innovative solutions.

Strategic Solutions

Innovative, methodical, and potent solutions tailor-made for the exponential growth of your business.

Customer Experience

Resolutions designed to improve both the before- and after-sales experiences of customers.

Quick Start Solutions

High-impact solutions to get your small to medium-sized business up and running in the quickest possible time.

Customer Support Service

Feature-rich support utilities for richer customer experiences.

About Us

Why AlShorts?

AlShorts enables your business to foray into the digital universe with impeccable analytics and marketing that not only entertains but also attracts the audience. On top of that, our result-oriented research and constructive insights aid businesses in shooting their growth and revenue to new heights! We help businesses grow by:

  • Forging committed, dedicated customer support service
  • Keeping track of the market trends and competitors
  • Revamping operational SOPs for exponential growth

What We Do?

Business Analytics

We bring answers to various business problems using data analysis, statistical models, and other quantitative methods. The aim is to improve decision-making, personalise the customer experience, streamline operations, enhance security, and generate the capabilities to mitigate risk and handle setbacks.


Market Analytics

With the help of data garnered through marketing campaigns, including conversions, consumer behaviour, regional preferences, creative preferences, and much more, we enable businesses to identify trends, optimise campaigns, measure performance and KPIs, and forecast future results.


Customer Support Service

Our feature-rich support facilities empower our partners to boost customer loyalty, enhance brand reputation, and identify communication bottlenecks. On the monetary front, enhanced business growth, new upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and higher customer retention are some of the many benefits.


Digital Analytics

Analysis of digital data from several sources like websites, mobile applications, and others is used to create bankable content marketing strategies, optimise digital marketing efforts, track bounce rate, enhance web services, create and track digital business goals, and find the right target audience.


Market Research

We help businesses determine the viability of their product or service on the basis of thorough research conducted directly with potential customers. The process helps them minimise investment risks, identify potential threats and opportunities, stay ahead of the competition, and have clearer revenue projections.


Data Analytics & Insights

Result-oriented data analytics pave the way for high-impact insights. The results help the businesses of our partners in tracking their competitors, designing better marketing campaigns, engaging more customers, building trust, boosting sales, and building better business efficiency.



Who We Work With

  • Sports Tech

  • Media & Entertainment

  • E-Commerce

  • eGaming

  • Social Apps

  • Food & Delivery

  • Mobility

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